Velcro Wall

The most fun you’ll have getting stuck

Every kid’s dream come true.
Put on your velcro-covered suit, then run, jump, spring, and stick yourself as high up on the Velcro Wall as you can! The Velcro Wall is super fun and challenging for both the participants and the spectators. A range of velcro suit sizes are available from young children to adults.

Rental Includes

  • Inflatable Velcro wall
  • Velcro Outfits for Youth & Adults


  • $450/up to 4 hours

Human Foosball

Classic table top game came to life

Prove that you’re better than a tiny stiff plastic man.
You’re probably familiar with the classic table top game of foosball. Now picture this – YOU are the player in the arena, with 6 other people on your team, working together to control the ball.
Both hands on the bar at all times. Have a great time. Respect each other. These are the basic rules of human foosball.

Rental Includes

  • Entire Human Foosball System


  • $450/up to 4 hours

Knocker Balls

Wacky new contact sport is taking over

Big hits without the concussions!
Knocker Ball has been called Bubble Soccer, Bubble Ball and Knocker Soccer. Whatever you call it, the contact play is fun and safe! Collisions are big and indoor and outdoor play is offered and can accommodate all ages (4 yrs. +) and both genders for those who want to play together, laugh together or knock each other around.


  • Knocker Soccer
  • Red Rover
  • Spartacus
  • King of the Circle
  • Many More..


  • 1-5 Balls – $65/ball
  • 6-10 Balls – $50/ball

Costume Characters

Make your kids event memorable

Plus, options for kids who are afraid of Santa!
Add a costume character to your event to make those kids never forget the great time they had! We can drop by for a little bit, do a simple meet and greet or full event entertainment! From Santa for Christmas or Elmo at your birthday party, we have lots of different characters to choose from, so contact us for more info! Add some fun and get a costume character at your next party!

Characters for Rent

  • Santa Claus Costume
  • Dora The Explorer Costume
  • Elmo Costume
  • Mickie Mouse & Minnie Mouse


  • In Character – $75/hour (plus mileage)
  • Costume Only – $65/day

Air Dancers

These things will draw attention

Guaranteed to make you dance like Timberlake.
Due to demand, we’ve invested in one of the most awesome ways to draw attention! You’ve seen wavy arm guyed flailing tube men or ‘air dancers’ on television and on commercials – now use them to your advantage. They stand tall at 18 feet with and come in a number of bright colors. They’ll certainly draw attention of anyone passing by. Use them for any event or special occasion.

Ideas for Wavy Arm Guy

  • Open Houses
  • Grand Openings/Sales
  • School Events
  • Carnivals/Fairs
  • School Events


  • 1 Unit – $50/day
  • 2 Units – $85/day

Trivia Game Shows

Let the guests in on the fun

Lots of fun even if you take games too seriously!
VanMeter Entertainment can provide a number of options including all your favorite game shows. It’ll be fun for everyone – perfect for your company event, school dance, wedding rehearsal or Christmas party. We’ll customize the event to your party. Just reach out to get it started!

Rental Includes

  • Wireless Buzzers
  • Screen/Projector or TV


  • $600

Love/Mr & Mrs Sign

Love is in the air!

Add these colorful signs on your big day!
Add some pop to your wedding reception with our oversized signs. They are lit with brilliant LED bulbs, can be set to display in one color, fade or strobe. You can choose from plenty of color options, so your signs will match your wedding’s theme and decor!


  • LOVE $150 (w/DJ Package)
  • LOVE $200
  • MR & MRS $200(w/DJ Package)
  • MR & MRS $250

Stage Hypnosis **Coming Soon!

Fun for all ages and every group

You are entering into a deep trance…
VanMeter Entertainment is nearly ready to unveil our outrageous spin on the ever-popular stage hypnosis show. Just give us a call to get pricing and availability!

Ideas For Performances

  • Christmas Parties
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Schools
  • Family Reunions


  • Contact us!